Monday, May 26, 2014

Magic Kingdom - Phone Chargers at Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland

Update: As of Summer of 2015, these phone chargers are gone from Disney.

So, don't we love Disney. The MyMagicBand+ is a great invention. However, to change your FastPass+ times or attractions, you need to either wait in a long line or use your cell phone. Also, I did not travel all the way from Chicago to wait somewhere to charge my phone so that I can take pictures with Mickey and Minnie and upload them to Facebook. I am on vacation. That power strip at Space Mountain Arcade does not work for me. Since my phone is an HTC Sensation 4G from Summer 2011, my phone does not hold its power for very long. In fact, I carry an extra battery. I was *hoping* to use the cell phone chargers at Tomorrow's Cosmic Ray's restaurant. However, I always found them full.

Phone Chargers for Android and IPhone users at Cosmic Ray's in  Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland

All red = all full of phones
These machines are made by Brightbox. The red light means that one of the outlets is being used. The green shows that it is empty and the blue shows that your phone has been charged. I know that the top picture shows a green or open space, but it was for IPhone and I have an Android device. In fact, every time I would visit the phone charging station, they would have room for an IPhone. I do not know if it is because IPhones are less popular or hold more battery power. To open the door, you use your credit card and use the credit card again to pick it up later. Disney, we need MORE of these around the parks. If you require us to use the MyDisneyApp, I need a safe place to charge my phone. These would be great for around the park while people are eating or at a show.

I think Disney needs some suggestions of charging stations:
American Pavilion - Epcot
You would be able to listen to the acapella group and then see the half hour show while your phone is charging. I think they could find a place or create an overlay on this with white to match the decor.
Electric Umbrella - Epcot
This cool purple color might even go with the decor.
Universe of Energy - Epcot
Maybe this would help make Ellen's Energy Crisis more popular as I might actually go to that area of the park.
Innoventions - Epcot
What says new technology like being able to charge your cell phone for free?

Test Track
Put some stations in the Chevrolet section then people will keep coming back to see the cars.

Magic Kingdom
Cosmic Rays
I know there are already two machines, but they were always full. How about adding more near the hallway where the bathrooms are located?

Space Mountain Arcade
Get rid of that long power strip and install these. It would be so much better.

Columbia Harbour House
Put them upstairs in the corner in the carpeted area. I used to work here. No one would go up there unless they knew it was there. This would be a great area for Disney diehards.

Hollywood Studios
Rock N' Roll Roller Coaster
Similarly to Space Mountain, this would be good in the exit area.

Pizza Planet
this also has a futuristic theme. The arcade setting is perfect and you could even put them upstairs to make people work for it.

Animal Kingdom
Lion King
Since they are redoing this area anyways, might as well put some African themed machines in to charge the phone while at the show.

Coronado Springs Convention Center
Nothing says a convention or Professional Development like needing your phone.

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