Monday, May 26, 2014

Magic Kingdom - Phone Chargers at Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland

So, don't we love Disney. The MyMagicBand+ is a great invention. However, to change your FastPass+ times or attractions, you need to either wait in a long line or use your cell phone. Also, I did not travel all the way from Chicago to wait somewhere to charge my phone so that I can take pictures with Mickey and Minnie and upload them to Facebook. I am on vacation. That power strip at Space Mountain Arcade does not work for me. Since my phone is an HTC Sensation 4G from Summer 2011, my phone does not hold its power for very long. In fact, I carry an extra battery. I was *hoping* to use the cell phone chargers at Tomorrow's Cosmic Ray's restaurant. However, I always found them full.

Phone Chargers for Android and IPhone users at Cosmic Ray's in  Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland

All red = all full of phones
These machines are made by Brightbox. The red light means that one of the outlets is being used. The green shows that it is empty and the blue shows that your phone has been charged. I know that the top picture shows a green or open space, but it was for IPhone and I have an Android device. In fact, every time I would visit the phone charging station, they would have room for an IPhone. I do not know if it is because IPhones are less popular or hold more battery power. To open the door, you use your credit card and use the credit card again to pick it up later. Disney, we need MORE of these around the parks. If you require us to use the MyDisneyApp, I need a safe place to charge my phone. These would be great for around the park while people are eating or at a show.

I think Disney needs some suggestions of charging stations:
American Pavilion - Epcot
You would be able to listen to the acapella group and then see the half hour show while your phone is charging. I think they could find a place or create an overlay on this with white to match the decor.
Electric Umbrella - Epcot
This cool purple color might even go with the decor.
Universe of Energy - Epcot
Maybe this would help make Ellen's Energy Crisis more popular as I might actually go to that area of the park.
Innoventions - Epcot
What says new technology like being able to charge your cell phone for free?

Test Track
Put some stations in the Chevrolet section then people will keep coming back to see the cars.

Magic Kingdom
Cosmic Rays
I know there are already two machines, but they were always full. How about adding more near the hallway where the bathrooms are located?

Space Mountain Arcade
Get rid of that long power strip and install these. It would be so much better.

Columbia Harbour House
Put them upstairs in the corner in the carpeted area. I used to work here. No one would go up there unless they knew it was there. This would be a great area for Disney diehards.

Hollywood Studios
Rock N' Roll Roller Coaster
Similarly to Space Mountain, this would be good in the exit area.

Pizza Planet
this also has a futuristic theme. The arcade setting is perfect and you could even put them upstairs to make people work for it.

Animal Kingdom
Lion King
Since they are redoing this area anyways, might as well put some African themed machines in to charge the phone while at the show.

Coronado Springs Convention Center
Nothing says a convention or Professional Development like needing your phone.

Star Wars Weekend - My favorite pictures

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fifty Shades

A friend is repainting her new condo. She is painting many of her walls gray. She joked that it was fifty shades of gray. She recently bought the book Fifty Shades of Grey and allowed me to borrow it this spring break. I have some PG views on the book:
-I read the first 75 pages the first night, all of these pages are PG
-The rest of the book gets a little interesting
-There are several vocabulary words that I do not know or use in my vernacular though Mr. Grey and Anastasia do (I should look them up or maybe someone else has these words somewhere)

After reading book #1, I moved onto book #2 (Fifty Shades Darker). Here are the views on the new book:
We meet Leila. She is more screwed up than Mr. Grey.
-Anastasia impressed me and Mr. Grey by donating the money from the sale of her bug to charity
page 300, things get a little interesting

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2013 Plus Size Finds

I recently ordered a few items from Asos Curve for Black Friday. This is my first purchase from ASOS curve for clothing. I bought a few belts before, but no clothes as I was getting them from Eloquii or Lane Bryant. It was 20% off and many items were on sale. I bought this new cold shoulder top from Asos Curve - US 16, UK 20. it was about $9 on Black Friday and is now on sale for just under $13. It seemed a little big in some areas, but I like the beautiful blue color. This will be great to wear in the summer, but the tan lines would be interesting.
Asos Curve - blue

Asos Curve - dress, US 18, UK 22 -it is too  big
I also purchased this Asos Curve Cold shoulder dress for $19.96. They were out of my size, so I ordered one size larger. Unfortunately, the Cold Shoulder dress was way too big. I don't think it looks like the dress on the model as the bottom of the dress seems to flare and be too large.  I think if I had a staff, I would look like I am minding sheet. Possibly a skater dress would be more appropriate for my figure. I don't even think a belt will help with this dress. I tried :(

This ASOS CURVE Shift Dress In Sparkle Lace (Orange dress) with sparkles does not look appropriate. It is very see through at the chest and I just am not comfortable wearing something like this in public or at my job. Since I am looking for different dresses/outfit to wear to work, this will not work out.
Asos Curve - Orange dress, size US 16, UK 20 - just under $40

I put on my favorite dress. I seem to wear this monthly to work. It also works well with leggings when it is cold in Chicago.
My favorite dress - Macy's Style&Co, Spring 2013

Banana Republic headband (Spring 2013)
I went to Fado in downtown Chicago this weekend. Tried a new beer from Belgium. I loved it. The holder for the glass was very interesting. The waitress explained that you are supposed to drink the beer with some head in the glass. I had to drink the beer out of the holder since the glass has a round bottom and will topple over if it is out of the holder.
Kwak Beer - Fado Chicago

Monday, October 14, 2013

My new bathroom

I was inspired by Pinterest this summer to redo my bathroom. (My pinterest: iillini24). Every summer, since I am a teacher, I seem to  tackle another room in my house. I really wanted to incorporate Chevron (or zig zag) into a new bathroom.

It was great timing because in the summer of 2013, West Elm's catalog had a Chevron shower curtain in it for a reasonable price, $39. Luckily, I have a West Elm in Lincoln Park in Chicago that has parking so I would be able to check it out. I actually went twice until it actually came in stock.
West Elm Gray ZigZag

I was inspired by Pinterest and 320 Sycamore.

320 Sycamore Master Bathroom 

I found this inspiration also from Target, but decided that I wanted to go with more bold colors for accessories so that I could change them without changing the wall color. I did not want teal walls.
Target Shower Curtain

I found out that HGTV's Kevin Grace was going to be at West Elm Lincoln Park giving out some design advice. Yeah! Help!! 

I attended the morning session with my towels in hand that I found from Home Goods that was the same ones as 320 Sycamore. I had already bought the shelves at Home and had them delivered. He confirmed my great choice with the towels. He also told me to go to my local Sherwin Williams on Halsted in Chicago as the manager John would be fantastic to help me. 
Kevin asked me what color I would want in the bathroom besides the gray. I told him that I did not want yellow (my childhood house for my first 9 years was yellow and the bathroom was a 60s yellow). He suggested teal such as one of the trays in the store. I asked him if I could go brighter, because I already purchased the Target teal lockers. He confirmed it was a great idea. 

Bathroom Before
This is my bathroom before I decided to do anything. I moved into my place in 2008 and purchased this lovely Crocill shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond. I did this because I had creme towels that would match.

Here is the bathroom in progress.
Bathroom Before
Some paint samples from Sherwin William's 40% off weekend meaning that they were still $5 per sample (At Home Depot, usually $3). I didn't like the color on the right. This is the area in back of the toilet that was  blank with no shelves. I had a picture up before on the right wall, but took it down to try some paint colors.
Choosing bathroom colors
Here is it up close, the color on the right that I did not like.
Bathroom color again
These were too dark for what I wanted. My mother said it looked like cement. This is above the toilet where I had to add the shelves. I put 3 pieces of tape to shower where I might want the three shelves to get an idea. 

French Gray by Sherwin Williams - too dark, looked like cement

Bathroom After

I bought the exact same exact shelves that 320 Sycamore bought along with the towels. Here are a list of items bought and their costs
-Sherwin Williams paint in Passive, brushes, supples, etc. about $100
-24" Floating Shelves from Home Depot $65 for all 3 ($19.99 each, but with Chicago Taxes..)
-Consultation with Kevin Grace from HGTV (free)
-West Elm gray ZigZag shower curtain $39 + 10% off coupon, + Chicago taxes
-Home Good Large Towels $7.99 X 4
-Home Good Hand Towels $5.99 X 2
-Marshall's Teal Bath Rug $12.99
-Target teal metal lockers, two for $7 (they were on clearance, no longer available)
-Home Goods Q-tip container $5
-Softsoap container (already had in my bathroom)
-Container store jars $8-$10each
-Puff Plus tissue box $1  (I bought a ton of them so that when they change the design, I will have plenty to spare.)

Update: December 2013
I found this rug at Target. Though it isn't appropriate for a wet environment like a bathroom, I am going to put it in the hallway outside the bathroom. It is 9 degrees here in Chicago, so I am keeping the old rug down also since the floor is so cold.
Target Rug, gray

British Inspired Living Room

My living room redone in the summer of 2010. Pillow from Nadeau and Telephone Cabinet from Home Decorators from Home Depot. Coffee table from Crate and Barrel, 2010.

FLOR British Invasion design

The SEI telephone booth is still available on Currently, there is a wall British telephone cabinet on sale at Home Decorators.