Saturday, August 4, 2012


I love craigslist though I haven't used it that much this summer. Last summer, I redid my living room and bedroom.
My living room is a British theme. It has some great maps on the wall of London, a telephone booth DVD holder and a large print/picture from IKEA. I bought all of these at stores and not on
However, I did purchase some itesm for my Paris bedroom from craigslist. I have this huge 5 by 8 foot canvas sold at IKEA a few years ago in my bedroom. I had to pick up the canvas from Hyde Park because it would not fit in my car. When I arrived to pick up the print, I noticed my name Barb on the bottom left hand corner. I thought that they put my name on the piece and thought it was weird and wondered how I might be able to erase it later. Since it was only 10 bucks, I took it off of this guy's hand.
It was a journey to get it home. I took it on a bus and a train to get home. I got many looks on my way home with the piece. A few weeks later, I was able to hang it above my bed with my parent's help. It is such a light canvas that it only needed 2 nails to rest on to hang.
I also bought another Paris piece for my bedroom on craigslist. It is a picture of the Eiffel Tower and it being built. It was $35 bucks from a guy in North Center. There was a slight defect in the frame, but I was able to cover it up with some puddy and black sharpie.

My dining room chairs are also from craigslist. When I moved into my place a few summers ago, I bought the dining room table and chairs from Room and Board from the previous owner for $600 bucks. The parsons table had 4 chocolate brown room and board chairs. I didn't like the brown and preferred the black version. I was able to find 6 Milan black leather Room and Board chairs made in Italy in Berwyn, IL. My mom had to come with me with her car to buy the chairs. The 6 black leather charis were $600 dollars. I eventually, through craigslist sold the 4 brown chairs for $450 to some gentleman.

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