Thursday, August 9, 2012

My CNDc Shellac Manicure

At the Taste of Chicago, I got a free CND (Creative Nail Design) Shellac manicure. I was at the taste early at 11am and was about 10th in line and earned an appointment at 12:30.
Kris from NY did my manicure. She buffed up my nails and filed them appropriately. Then, she added the Shellac. She has a clear bottom coat and then I put my hand/fingers in the ultraviolet machine for it to set.

UV Machine

My manicurist Kris told me how she has been in the nail industry for years and working for the company for about 2 years. She actually went to CNDc camp for a week where she learned about the technique along with focusing on health. She said that they went to health classes to learn proper stretching, yoga along with nutrition. I love when a company focuses on a person as a whole. Sometimes as a teacher, I sacrifice my own health for my job (not drinking as much water as it is hard to leave class and kids alone) and have put my own health more of a priority lately (though getting up at 4:30/5:00 to get an hour in at the gym is difficult and leads to me tired by 4:00pm).

Kris also said that she only works at the salon in NY 2-3 times a week because she is often traveling with CNDc.

I asked Kris about getting this done again in Chicago. She said that it could cost double what a normal manicure costs in the city (possibly $50). Total bummer. She did give me a card of locations in Chicago that perform the Shellac.

Just some of CNDs colors
I had to pick my colors. There are more  colors available than the picture above, but I chose color #16 Romanique which was a soft pink/white color since I didn't want something bold. It reminds me of Essie's Figi or Ballet Slippers which according to the Possessionista, is what Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette wears.
I wanted something that I could wear anything with. After the two coats of the color, (which after each application, my hand again went into the ultraviolet machine), she applied a top coat.
After the polish, she put some oil and lotion on my hands along with some instructions. The manicure should last at least 2 weeks. She gave me oil to put on my nails. She said to use it daily and most people put it on nighlty. She also gave me a packet/instructions of how to remove the polish. She said DO NOT pick at the nail polish as it will be bad for my nails and take more of my nails off rather than just the polish.

My nails looked VERY similar to this
....about 2 weeks later, I a met up with my friend Antonia for Burger Fest on Belmont. She commented on my nails and said how she has NEVER seen my nails look better. A few days later, I get the FIRST chip of my nails, but it really isn't noticeable.

...3 weeks later, really the first really noticeable chip to my nails.

...tomorrow will be 4 weeks. I should take this polish off, but I love it so much though my nails have grown. They are still shiny and look new in some cases. I'll update you on taking the polish off another time.

Now, I need to have this done next week again. This is great. I've been looking on YELP for reviews on shellac, but haven't found ANYTHING promising in Chicago. I would love to have this done next week.

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