Saturday, August 25, 2012

Packing for a Trip (and my obsession with laundry)

I hate packing for a trip b/c I like clean clothes. I am one of these people that does laundry at least twice a week at home. While in college, I did one load of basic (socks, underwear, shorts, shirts) laundry weekly (I know...I was weird). Other weeks while in college I would do my bar clothes or specific colors (red). I learned about washing red from the first episode of Felicity and vowed never to make my whites pink. I remember when I did my first load, I made sure to call my mom and ask her questions. Previously, my mother washed all my clothes b/c my mother is a control freak.

So, I am looking at various websites about packing for a trip. I already know some basics such as roll your clothing like shirts and shorts so that they don't wrinkle. I don't want to forget any items as they will be expensive to replace them since I am going to Disney. The hotel shops aren't cheap.

I did read one of the most forgotten items is sunscreen, razors, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant and sunglasses. I can see forgetting the razor and deodorant, but not the toothbrush and toothpaste. I will admit that I think I once forgot toothpaste for a weekend trip. As a result, I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in my car along with asprin/excedrin.

During my last weekend trip, I forgot my nail clipper. It was awful as my nail snagged on something and I didn't have anything to fix my nail since I usually don't bring a nail file.

Before you Leave, Gather the Following: 
      Personal ID (Drivers license) or passport
Cash or Foreign currency of your destination country      
Credit cards (foreign currencies?)
Travelers checks or ATM card    
Insurance card  
Photocopies of documentation
Tickets & itinerary
Hotel Reservations
Paper printout of emergency contacts

Cell phone, charger, extra battery
Camera, charger, batteries, cords, etc.
Headphones (bud? noise canceling?)
Laptop & cord & battery (on some trips)
Watch (so u don't have to use the cell phone all the time)
Basic Essentials
Appropriate Luggage    
Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Do NOT Lock checked baggage)  
Rain Protection/Umbrella (It does rain in Florida) 
Small Flashlight & batteries (my dad brings this ALWAYS, in this day and age, we can use flashlight on our phone)      
Brimmed Hat or Visor (I don't wear hats, but others might)
contact lens preparations  
Magazines for the plane   
Folding Scissors (place in checked baggage)      
Laundry/Plastic Bag    
Food bars or emergency snack food  
Medication (Allergy, birth control)
First Aid Kit/band-aids are a definate 
Aspirin/Pain Reliever      
Cold/Sinus Medication (didn't think of this)
Insect Repellent       
Nail clipper
Kleenex (I like the little packs)
Q-Tips (a must)
Deodorant (one of the most forgotten items) 
Plastic bags (if carry on, remember FAA limits on liquids & cremes)
Feminine products
Hair bands

Major Clothing
Shirts for every day
Razor (one of the most forgotten items)
2 pairs of gym shoes (one will get wet one day and u'll need the other)
Flip flops (Reef is the best)
Swimsuit (two is needed)

With all of these items, no wonder why people are stressed about vacation. There are so many things to remember.

Some websites for more information:

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